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Áporka Thermal Village

We welcome you to explore Áporka, a genuine village near Budapest.
Áporka is located only 34 kilometers from Budapest, 25 minutes from Budapest International Airport and 15 minutes from Tököl National Airport. Perfectly located on the outskirts of one of Europe's cultural hubs, so the planned resort would be located in a magnificent area. The location offers the perfect balance between the peace and seclusion of the countryside and proximity to the heart of Budapest. The highway, train links or shuttle bus routes Budapest, Vienna and the rest of Europe are within easy reach. Vienna, Zagreb, Ljubljana and the Adriatic Sea or the Alps are only few hours away on the highway, making this resort an ideal location. These facts point ahead that the location itself is partially a guarantee for a profitable tourism-linked business operation

The size of this recommended undeveloped area is 22,5 hectares, which is extendable with an extra 15 hectares.
This piece of land is halfway between the village and the Danube. The Kisduna, which is a protected part of the Danube is only a few hundred meters away, where a beach, boathouse and even a harbour can be developed for recreational purposes. The concept of developing a luxurious authentic resort complete with every necessary comfort is unheard of in the capital’s neighbourhood. The realization of such a project can bring the finest in design and wellbeing to an area of opulent beauty where tranquillity and entertainment go hand in hand.

For more informations, please read the enclosure documents....

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